I am just a dreamer soul with a star-dusted body. I like to create beautiful pictures of my dog and the nature and humans  surrounding me. 
I grew up on the farm, and I was always surrounded by animals and nature. I broke that connection when I moved to Germany but found it again in 2016 through my dog, Thor. 
How I got to photography? Well, through my dog. Most people are scared of him because of the breed and size, so I thought well if ONLY they would be able to see his soul then they would understand. So how better to capture his soul, then through photography? 
This was the plan, and then I got a semi-professional camera… and the results where… well, not what I expected. :-)
I started reading, watching tons of videos, attending workshops and taking photos again and again. The theory began to make sense, the images started to get better, and today I am still learning and practising any chance I get. ​​​​​​​

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