“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”— Aaron Siskind

First Nikon D850 Hike
First Hike With the Nikon D850
Romania 2019
Traveling to Romania
Urban Puppy Series - Dresden
Urban Puppy Series - Leipzig
Unconditional Love
Soul Dog Portraits and Action Captures
Summer Flowers
Macro Flowers with amazing summer colours.
Hoek & Middelburg Netherlands
Weekend in Zeeland Netherlands
Kikmolen Belgium
Quiet Hike in Kikmolen Belgium
Erenstein Lake Netherlands
Quick hike around the Erenstein Lake in Netherlands
Vogelsang Nightphotography
Night Hike and Night Photography
Short trip to Dresden, Germany. Stunning city.
My Soul Dog Thor
Portrait Photography with tamron macro lens.
Spring Flowers
Beautiful spring macro photography of Mother Earth blossoming.
Portraits of a Soul Dog
Soul Dog Portraits
The World of Macro
Macro Photography
Spring Time - Fun Time
A weekend full of fun, sun, fresh air and puppy love!
Maastricht, Netherlands
Urban Exploration with my dog Thor
Thor & Kaya ...again :-)
Hiking with two puppies
February 2019 Full Moon
February 2019 Full Moon Over Aachen, Germany
Hürtgenwald, Germany
Sunday Hike in Hürtgenwald, Germany.
Breathing in the Spring Air
Limburg, Netherlands - we love it here.
City Tour in Namur, Belgium
Thor and first spring day 2019
Super blood wolf moon - lunar eclipse January 2019
Thor & Kaya
Hike and Dancing in the Rain
White Hyacinth
Meerssen, Limburg, Netherlands
Adolf Grube Park
Epenerheide Limburg Netherlands
Rursee Early November
Thor - My Soul Dog
Objects on the sky
Landscape Nature Plants
November Full Moon
2018.11.18 - Hauset, Belgium
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